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Story Posted:11/27/2011 10:50:39 PM
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BY: SportsGuroo
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Any reason why this years top 10 trophies for NASCAR are not showing up in our trophy case ??
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Good eye, SportsGuroo. I also believe the season avatars and the final week of racing's top 10 still need to be updated as well.
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11/28/2011 7:29 AM ET

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11/29/2011 6:00 PM ET

5Star, look in your trophy case, you will see that this years trophy for fNASCCARS top 10 is not there.
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11/30/2011 2:18 AM ET

It's fixed. The trophies were there, they were just showing up as text. All should be visible now
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11/30/2011 11:15 AM ET

as always THANKS !!
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11/30/2011 5:15 PM ET

Pardon my confusion, my 2011 avatar does not show up in the trophy case and I believe my last race finished at number 3. The top ten for that week is not showing either. Thanks for helping clear my confusion.
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11/30/2011 10:16 PM ET

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