Top Pickers Coming Back
Story Posted:5/3/2011 1:44:29 PM
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BY: fletch49
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I have decided to bring back the Top 50 Pickers List here at Crowd Picks.
The list will be published weekly (Monday mornings) on an independant website. I am looking for a good "free" site. If you know of any that you have had a good expeprience with let me know.

For those who are new to CP here is what this list is.

I take the leaderboard standings in every sport currently in play. I then get every picker's personal standings in all the active sports and figure out your average position on all those leaderboards.

The lower your average standing the higher you rank on the Top 50 List.

If you are not listed on a particular sport leaderboard you will receive a last place position for figuring out the averages. This will encourage everyone to get enough picks in to be on all the leaderboards.

Any questions or ideas please let me know.

First Top 50 List is scheduled to be up Monday, May 16th.

Here we go again,
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GREAT NEWS !!! I am so HAPPY that you are feeling well enough to do it again. Stay STRONG my friend. ;-)
Posted By:
5/3/2011 4:04 PM ET

ooooooooohh, baby!
Posted By:
Gold Star: Top 10 O/U, Top 25 CrowdScore, Top 25 W/L
5/3/2011 4:40 PM ET

let us see if my Mom can pick'em again.
Posted By:
Gold Star: Top 10 O/U, Top 25 CrowdScore, Top 25 W/L
5/3/2011 4:41 PM ET

I will give it my best shot... only thing... MLB is killing me.
Posted By:
Grey Star: Top 25 CrowdScore, Top 25 O/U, Top 25 W/L
5/3/2011 4:56 PM ET

Thanks, Fletch. It's always fun, even when the results are embarrassing.
Posted By:
Gold Star: Top 10 CrowdScore, Top 10 W/L, Top 25 O/U
5/3/2011 6:47 PM ET

nice, check out this free hosting site:
Posted By:
5/3/2011 7:54 PM ET

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