Do the Brewers still have a chance to win the NL Central?
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Story Posted:5/2/2008 7:16:23 PM
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Now with Gallardo gone for a while, do the Brewers still have a chance to win the division title? Dave Bush isn't the answer and there's no one at AAA to help; even with the recent addition of Jeff Weaver. What started out as a strength of the team, has weakened.

If you were Doug Melvin (Brewers' GM), what would you do? Would you trade Corey Hart, Bill Hall, Rickie Weeks, or J.J. Hardy to get a starter? Or do you see how far you can go with what you have?
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This is a bit late, but I don't think they should really trade any of those guys b/c most should be signable. Prince/Gallardo will be the tough ones to sign when the time comes...sad to say, but they might just want to ship prince off to an AL team. In 5 years, he'll just be a DH anyway.

To answer your question though, no i don't think they can win the central this year (or the wild card). It is still somewhat early, but with the cubs (sad to say) having their best year ever, they'll take the central.

Fact of the matter is, the Brewers played above expectations last year. Hardy isn't a 26 homer guy. People have figured out how to pitch to Prince. The rest of the team is the same except for the pitching. As much as it hurts to say it, the Brewers don't stand a chance for the playoffs.
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5/24/2008 11:57 PM ET

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