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Location: akron, Ohio
Gender: Male
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Favorite Teams:
Pittsburgh Steelers
Ohio St. Buckeyes
Cleveland Cavaliers
Akron Zips
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Cleveland Indians
Anthony Kim
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im from akron ohio
im a sports nut, especially NASCAR NFL and MLB
dodgers and mets round out my top five faves in MLB
browns, steelers,patriots,packers and cowboys in NFL
24,20,88,3, and 18 in NASCAR
among my fave athletes, lebron(GO CAVS), brett favre,grady sizemore, chris paul kobe bryant and tim duncan
im a commissioner of a football league and commissioner of a baseball league
single dad w/2 kids
and i also enjoy golf as well
i also coach my daughter's baseball team
i love to cook too

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Pop Quiz: Saddest MLB teams
Tags: MLB
here's a question for all you sports buffs:
Of all the MLB teams how many have NEVER been to the World Series?
5/20/2013 9:12 AM ET
Most overrated QB
Tags: NFL
of all the rookie QBs to come into the NFL in 2012, in your opinion who was the most overrated QB?
in my opinion i think it was Ryan Tannehill of Miami
3/15/2013 9:26 AM ET
what happened to the pga scores on here?
Tags: PGA > Ben Crenshaw
just a question....what happened to the PGA golf scores on here?
there is a tournament missing from here
any reason for that?
2/11/2011 9:10 AM ET
I am top dawg in NBA on crowdpicks
Tags: NBA > LA Lakers
unreal man....I am the Number One leader in NBA on yeah i'm bragging....
2/8/2011 9:22 AM ET
did jay cutler wimp out of yesterday's game?
Tags: NFL > Chicago Bears
you all know that the bears lost yesterday
and the bears used three QBs
but did jay cutler wimp out?
i don't think so
i think the coaching staff did the right thing by pu...
1/24/2011 4:29 PM ET
who wins NFL defensive Rookie of The Year?
Tags: NFL > New England Patriots
so who wins NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year?
here's the candidates:
Devin McCourty,DB,New England Patriots
Ndamakong Suh,DL,Detroit Lions
Joe Haden,DB,Cleveland Browns
1/12/2011 2:27 PM ET
picks for this weekend's playoff games
Tags: NFL
here's this weekend's playoff games and my picks:
green bay at atlanta
seattle at chicago
baltimore at pittsburgh
new york jets at new england
here are my predictio...
1/11/2011 11:38 AM ET
should jason garrett be dallas' next coach?
Tags: NFL > Dallas Cowboys
i think jason garrett would be a great fit for the cowboys
after all, he did quite well and would bring the luster back to dallas
1/4/2011 11:28 AM ET
picks for the NFL wild card games
Tags: NFL > Kansas City Chiefs
here's the weekend's wild card games:
green bay-philadelphia
new orleans-seattle
baltimore-kansas city
new york jets-indianapolis
my picks
philly over green ...
1/4/2011 11:24 AM ET
should eric mangini be fired or brian daboll?
Tags: NFL > Cleveland Browns
as this season comes to a close the browns are considering firing eric mangini as head coach
personally i think they should fire brian daboll the offensive coordinator
what are your tho...
12/30/2010 10:51 AM ET
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3/14/2013 6:27 PM
Good question- had to look it up because my head is buried in hoops during March. They are racing on the paperclip @ Bristol Sunday
3/11/2013 7:32 AM
another improvement on my nascar score
3/4/2013 9:54 AM
did better in nascar this week than last week
2/21/2013 2:58 PM
im back and im gonna make a run at the best
3/29/2011 10:11 AM
Back into the swing of things LOL little pun huh, I never have any idea when it comes to golf I just click on it and if there is a tournie going on I just guess
2/15/2011 11:55 PM
Someone told me it's National Butt-head day. YOU have my vote =P
I haven't given ya any crap in a while. My facebook info? Look in your inbox.
2/10/2011 9:12 AM
dudes i don't mind being let down...the old saying goes every dog has his day....somehow my luck has changed
2/8/2011 11:07 AM
1/21/2011 10:43 AM
big daddy,
good luck, you have plenty of time to catch the leader.
1/17/2011 2:32 PM
i had a shitty week in golf
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